Can I bring some of the things I no longer use here?

Sure, if they are still in good, saleable and working condition. Please donate only during operating hours.

What items do you accept?

- Clothes (Men and women's)
- Household items (small to medium size)
- Toys (complete and working)
- Accessories (Bags, Ties, Belts, Hats, Caps, Scarves, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, etc.)
- Shoes (only in good or almost new condition)
- Sports equipment (small to medium size)

Where do the sale proceeds go?

Proceeds are needed to cover the operating expenses and the rest will be channelled to our welfare programmes in Cornerstone Community Services for local community.

What is the payment mode?

We only accept cash.

Can items be exchanged/refunded?

We have a no exchange or refund policy. We encourage all customers to check items before leaving the store as there will be no exchange or refunds provided.

Can I reserve/ pay for an item and come back later to collect?

We have a no reservation policy as different volunteers come in at different duty slots and it is difficult to keep track of the various requests.

What items do you not accept?

- Soft toys
- Children's clothes
- Big or bulky items
- Baby furniture and accessories such as car seats, potty, baby clothes, feeding accessories
- Bigger children's toys such as tents, walkers
- Maternity Wear
- Religious artefacts
- Books
- Multimedia (DVD, CD)
- Faulty electronics or appliances
- Used undergarments and linen
- Used pillows
- Medical appliances or equipment
- Golf sets
- Beer mugs
- Country flags and souvenirs
- Christmas trees
- Misc cups and cultery that are not in a set
- Airline freebies


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