About us

Welcome to Take A Break Healthy Desserts Studio!

We are a couple of repatriates from Russia. About a year ago we moved to Tel Aviv. Then we decided to turn our passion for cooking and healthy lifestyle into a business. This is why we founded Take A Break - sweets shop specializes in homemade vegan desserts. 

All our desserts are made from selected natural ingredients: fruits, berries, nuts, plant milk, dried fruits and maple syrup. We don’t use milk, milk products, margarine, eggs, white sugar, gluten, soy, yeast, artificial dyes and flavors, preservatives and stabilizers.


We serve cakes, cookies, candies and chocolate bars, and deliver on customers’ addresses. We are also open for collaborations with restaurants and cafes, where people can try our desserts soon.

Jenia, Founder & Owner

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to make incredibly delicious vegan desserts and dispel a myth that healthy sweets are not tasty. We also break the stereotype that cakes are bad for health and figure. A pinch of magic and imagination, and here it is - a beneficial healthy cake!


We want to inspire people for changing their eating habits into more healthy ones. Which is good not only for human bodies, but also for the planet Earth - our home. 

Lisa, Executive Pastry Chef & Partner

Why vegan?

Production of plant foods uses less land, water and energy resources in comparison with animal food. Therefore, we do not add any of the animal origin products to our sweets.

We are sure that plant-based food makes overall health better.


We use our best skills and care to prepare excellent desserts experience for our customers. In future, we want to open a cozy cafe so we can all communicate and enjoy vegan food.


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