We accept cancellations up to 2 days notice before your scheduled delivery date. If you placed your order to arrive for next day delivery, we unfortunately cannot cancel your order due to the limited processing time.


The reasons for the return of confectionery products are:

  • Violation of the appearance of the product (foreign inclusions, contamination, unnatural odor, shape disturbance).

  • Non-compliance of the product with the stated requirements (weight, shape, color, appearance).


The return procedure is simple: in case of detection of defects in received goods, contact us for the returning act during working hours. Copy of the act will be sent to the manufacturer (the client retains the original of the act).


We behave honestly with our customers, and in case of the return the customer will be offered a compromise solution or compensation (excluding the cost of shipping products back to production and delivering new products to the customer).


Measures to prevent damage to products and eliminate cases of returns:

  • It is possible to avoid the risk of product returns, primarily due to comprehensive technological control. High-quality ingredients, proper storage, adherence to expiration dates and preparation technologies allow us to produce delicious confectionery products for our customers.

  • Also, safety measures during the transportation of goods play an important role, because it is easy to damage it, and violation of the shape is also a defect, even if the product is prepared with high quality.

Take A Break experience in baking and selling desserts allows us to minimize the amount of returns. The reputation of the company and the good opinion of our clients about us are very important to us.


See for yourself, order a cake for your celebration, and you will not regret it. And we are always ready to advise you about the conditions of return!


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